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Video Reel

The News (episode 1)

Adoptee Robert Mulkey discusses the first time he learned of his biological family. 

The Meeting (episode 2)
Author and adoptee Robert Mulkey describes meeting his biological family for the first time and the results.

Italy (episode 3)
Adoptee Robert Mulkey follows his biological father and brother to the family farm in Central Italy.

Adoption Advice #1 (episode 4)

Adoptee Robert Mulkey offers advice for adoptive families as well as other adoptees seeking their birth family.

Adoption Advice #2 (episode 5)

Author Robert Mulkey offers advice to biological families.

S02E06 FindingTheVoices:

Worldwide podcast conducted by Monica Ingudam with Robert Mulkey, author of the book This Is My Lemonade--an Adoption Story, a journey involving abuse, identity, rejection and acceptance.

Author Robert Mulkey along with his biological cousins, Sergio and Maurizio singing "Ascola Mie Bella", the anthem of their homeland.

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